No.12 March 2017


1 All the letters to a Parnell Café (8)
5/11 Mark tide via movement of waterfront road (6,5)
9 In French religious work, note interval (8)
10 Hot rock smell for basin (6)
11 See 5
12 Song from Bowie, initially without MacAdam (9)
14 Fashion icon voiced hesitation before vault, making a tiny step (7,4)
18 Jim Henson might have had a hand in this? (5,6)
21 How police arrange road block: second unit’s heading off to get rock band (9)
23 Oddly, Keanu’s ruin is a tree (5)
24 One of the Flintstones? (6)
25 Forbid torments from soldiers’ quarters (8)
26 He had a plum job once (6)
27 See, space travelling freed them from time (8)
1 Plan to cook Ned in oven (6)
2 “Fitting 10 up with pole,” in the local dialect (6)
3 Be a square, performing dance position on one leg (9)
4 An utterable mess found at the top of a column (11)
6 Key absence causes distressed utterance (5)
7 Plant may, in this way, follow one (8)
8 In spite of leaders getting award (not hard!) it’s the same whichever way you look at it (8)
13 Six-footer with a device placed by each nation’s borders – the Spanish, in our case (11)
15 From Andrew Lomu to Korean island (9)
16 Afflict a shin protector, say (8)
17 Make Thomas go up and down for Nobel laureate (3,5)
19 Who’s French, with revolutionary food? (6)
20 Rock band eats edges of XXX (6)
22 Drink dispenser may come after fibre (5)

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No.12 March 2017

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