No.5 June 2016


1 Correct, ice cap’s melting – but here, the team works to achieve sustainable goals (6,8)
9 Central Party member, Communist, is back home first (7)
10 Divorcée with male in a tree – that’s the limit! (7)
11 Materials from overfat cheeses (8)
12 Fear of initiating terrible mistake (6)
14 Bones: “It’s the beginnings of new and unusual life, sir, but not as we know it!” (5)
15 Wizard’s world with smallest golf course found above the Antarctic? (5,4)
17 Put half a type of icecream on head – could get slush (9)
19 Telegram from company head: “On island, heading west” (5)
21 Morality of drunkenness indicator amongst aliens (6)
23/22 Bird found in such unlikely surroundings to glide along part of the Hauraki Gulf (8,5)
25 They were fooled by a gifted horse (7)
26 Again permit proper depression (7)
27 Ragamuffin design on skin to deter furious Elsa, for example (14)
1 Staunchest Brit quails at this college! (5,9)
2/6 Ask warm admirer to tea and opera (4,3,5)
3 Forever finish Patterson, say (9)
4 Western companions take in periodic table of the elements to get Aussie chicks (10)
5 Amazed by upset flask with top broken off (4)
6 See 2
7 In front of one’s leader, say happy farewell (7)
8 Where Reg’s going to rock out with pianist and composer (6,8)
13 E.g. rib about knockabout satire achieving small growth (6,4)
16 French Ila dazzles, serving Mexican dish (9)
18 A-OK hour spent in Papatoetoe (7)
20 Confining sick to a small room elevated microorganisms (7)
22 See 23 Across
24 Run, losing direction for a second, to get ruler (4)

No.5 June 2016

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